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Marni Kinrys

Dating Coach, Radio & TV Personality
Creator of the WING GIRL METHOD Dating Coach, Radio & TV Personality, Author.Marni has worked with 100's of thousands of men all over the world to help them understand women so they can attract, date, seduce and get any womanthey want without being a jerk. Her method is basedon the key principle of "You gotta turn yourself onfirst before any woman will ever be attracted to you".Over the past eight years, Marni has collaboratedwith the top male attraction experts; sharingexpertise and advice to help men find their idealpartners. She fell into her current role as “wing girl”while watching her handsome, charming and successful male friends fail miserably while trying to hit on and pick up women. Marni says “I am a wing girl – a woman whoputs her insider knowledge to good use for thebetterment of all men.”As a client described it, “She is not giving "PICK UP"advice – she is just trying to get men to "get it."Educated at University of Western Ontario(Canada) with a BA in psychology, Marni hasbeen prominently featured in The Los AngelesTimes, CNN, The Huffington Post, Fox News,The Chicago Tribune, Marie Claire, Elle, Men’sHealth, BlackBook, Penthouse,,Creative Loafing, AOL Personals, & more.Marni is a contributing writer to Urban Male Magazine and a weekly guest on Rock 101 Radio in Boston, MA. She was most recently awarded “World’s Best Female Pick-Up Artist” from the World Pick Up Artist Summitin Hollywood, CA and awarded World’s Best Wing Girl at the 2010 Global Pick-Up Conference.Marni is currently working on a scripted TV show, a reality TV show, and her book “Confessions From A Wing Girl” is due out in April. This year she plans to take the informationshe has learned to help women.

Carol Allen

Vedic Astrologer, Relationship Expert & Author
Carol’s counseled thousands of people, working with everyone from housewives to Super Models, TV stars to English Royalty – in the area of relationship as both a Vedic astrologer (the system of ancient India, used for thousands of years to arrange marriages) and relationship coach. She’s helped people in every possible circumstance – single and dateless, dating and anxious, together and confused, or married and miserable.For three years Carol hosted the Internet Radio Show, “Enlightening Relationships” and interviewed celebrated relationship experts from all facets of the field – including John Gray, Debbie Ford, Rhonda Britten, Marci Shimoff, Christian Carter, and Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks, as well as matchmakers, internet dating experts, therapists, love coaches, fertility experts, erectile dysfunction doctors, and more!Carol’s been a featured expert on hundreds of local and nationally syndicated radio shows and global telesummits, and has been seen on CBS News, EXTRA, Dr. Drew’s Lifechangers, Bridezillas, and an E! Television special. Her writings have been in several books including Hot Chocolate for the Mystical Soul series, A Second Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul, The Whole Life Times, New Woman Spirit, The Taos Sun, The Journal for the American Council of Vedic Astrology, and Woman’s World.Carol’s thrilled to have written her first ebook, Love Is in the Stars – The Wise Woman’s Astrological Guide To Men, which launched in September, 2007, and has created many subsequent programs and seminars for women, addressing the intersection of love and astrology.

Mindie Kniss PhD

Heart Intelligence Expert
Mindie Kniss is a Heart Intelligence expert devoted to helping people follow their HeartPath when making life decisions. Mindie is also an entrepreneur, coach, and creator of the HeartPath retreat series. Her diverse background includes leadership development in corporate America at a Fortune 100 company and leading wilderness adventure trips throughout the US.Mindie works with business leaders and entrepreneurs from around the globe helping them find fulfillment in their work, relationships and spiritual path. She has assisted thousands of men and women in living out their purposes from a heart-based perspective. That means less stress, greater intuition and the courage to pursue their dreams.Mindie was awarded the prestigious Global Health Fellowship for her advocacy of children’s education in developing nations. She worked in Nairobi, Kenya from 2006 – 2007 on HIV/AIDS prevention initiatives. Mindie holds an MFA in Creative Writing and a PhD in Metaphysics.

Marla Martenson

Professional Matchmaker, Dating Coach & Author
Marla Martenson has been a professional matchmaker for over 13 years, helping countless couples connect with their soul mates and go on to marriage. She is also a certified life/dating coach, author and motivational speaker. Marla has appeared on: The Today Show, Chicago Morning News, San Diego Living, San Diego Morning, Better TV, Urban Rush and over 40 radio shows including: Coast to Coast AM, Playboy Radio and The Cooper Lawrence Show.She is also the author of "Excuse Me, Your Soul Mate Is Waiting", "Good Date, Bad Date", and "Diary of a Beverly Hills Matchmaker".

Jackie Dumaine

Yogini, Life Coach & Creator of The Yoga Code
After five years of working in the hectic and sometimes ruthless industry of advertising and media, Jackie left her six-figure career in 2010 and traveled to an ashram in India where she spent five weeks studying yoga and meditation.This experience sparked her journey as a spiritual entrepreneur. Determined to live a life full of meaning and purpose, she began to design her life around her passions where she could not only create a living but also contribute to a better world. Her adventure began with co-founding Stillness Room, a meditation furniture company based in Calgary, Alberta. This soon led to partnerships with spiritual leaders such as Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra and Gary Zukav.Her most recent project, The Yoga Code, draws from the wisdom she discovered in ancient yogic texts while studying in India. In this 12 Week Yoga Inspired Life Coaching program, Jackie quides her clients on a journey of self-discovery. She has now made this her life’s work.Her mission? Inspiring others to live a fearless and peaceful life, using the ancient wisdom of yoga philosophy. Her goal is to teach others that yoga is so much more than the physical postureswe associated it with in the West. “I’m not perfect and I’m certainly not a Guru. I believe thatwe teach what we need to learn”. Jackie lives in Calgary, Alberta where she leads a full life as a Mother, Yoga Teacher, Workshop & Retreat Facilitator and Yoga Inspired Life Coach.

Kute Blackson

Visionary & Creator of The Man Breakthrough Experience
Kute Blackson is an visionary in the world of human potential whose life work focuses on revealing to people what they have to give, by liberating who they are most truly and deeply, in order to attain sustainable Freedom.Kute Blackson was born in Ghana, West Africa, raised in London, and on 4 different continents as the child of a Japanese mother and Ghanaian father. As the son of a revered spiritual leader, Kute started speaking to his father’s congregations, in more than 300 churches, by the age of 8. At the age of 14, he was ordained into his father’s ministry and groomed to carry on the family’s spiritual legacy. In his late teens his heart’s truth drew him to separate from his father’s ministry and come to Los Angeles in 1995.Kute arrived in America with two suitcases and a dream seeking out many of the spiritual and self-help icons who inspired him when he was still a boy. He quickly learned that the outside- in approach had to become an inside-out approach. So he decided to create his own process—a process that liberates the individual at the core. This process helps people get in touch with who they really. It’s a process of breaking free, so that each person can live, give, and share the truest expression of his or herself. This is what Kute calls “Liberated Living.”According to Kute, once freed of the conditioned responses scripted by family, society, institutions and the media, people are no longer limited to pre-programmed interactions in the course of living. In fact, life becomes an expansive, jazzy improvisation, that he calls “Freefall.”Today, the venue for his message may be one-on-one, a vast stadium setting, a corporate seminar or anything in-between. His presentations are especially sought after by major companies that are seeking to redefine their meaning of success and inspire greatness.Kute is a global authority in “Transformational Immersion Journeys”. He is known worldwide for creating the unique and revolutionary “Liberation Experience,” where he travels with an individual client, one-on-one, across India, for 14 days, as well as the creator of the group process “Boundless Bliss—The Bali Breakthrough Experience”. Kute is a next generation world leader out to awaken people to Love and to Living their inspired destiny.

Damona Hoffman

Online Dating Expert, Author & guest contributor
Damona Hoffman is an LA based dating strategist with an international client base. Her prior career as a TV casting director gave her insight into the importance of personalbranding which led her to meet her husband online in 2003. Since that time she’s usedher unconventional dating strategy to help many singles meet their spouses online too. In 2013 she was tapped to create a series of live workshops with to help their users improve their online dating results which will be expanding into a nationwideinitiative in Spring of 2014. Damona is also thrilled to be named as a finalist for iDate’s Best Dating Coach of 2014.In addition to writing for The Huffington Post, Your Tango, JDate and numerous othersites, Damona hosts a radio program, Dates & Mates on UBN Radio. Her dating advicebook "Spin Your Web: How to Brand Yourself for Successful Online Dating" hasreceived rave reviews from the online dating industry, bloggers, and singles alike. Sheoffers free tips, workshops, webinars, and personalized dating coaching programs through

Chameli Ardagh

Feminine Spirituality Expert & Author
Chameli Ardagh is a leading pioneer in contemporary feminine spirituality, and she has inspired thousands of women around the world through her breakthrough methods for living and embodying feminine awakening. She is especially appreciated for her love of mythology and storytelling as a method for illuminating our hidden strength and beauty.As a teen, Chameli embarked on her journey as a spiritual explorer, which, at the age of twenty, led her to India, which she has returned to more than fifteen times. She has studied with many remarkable mentors and undergone thousands of hours of intense practice of meditation and spiritual studies. The last 15 years she has been a student of ShantiMayi, a wisdom teacher with base in India and France. Chameli has taken every opportunity to become adept in her field through her own practice as well as through extensive training in group dynamics, meditation and spiritual counseling.She is initiator of a global network of groups for women, and the author of two books on feminine empowerment and spirituality, which have been published in three languages.Chameli was featured in the book Ordinary Women, Extra-ordinary Wisdom: The Feminine face of Awakening (www. by Rita Marie Robinson, M.A, a collection of conversations with women spiritual teachers. She was also featured in The Translucent Revolution by Arjuna Ardagh, as an authority on feminine spiritual practice and in Hope Beneath Our Feet by Martin Koegh.Chameli was born in Norway and now lives in Northern California with her husband Arjuna and Angel the cat.

Dr. Tracy Thomas

Celebrity Addiction & Relationship Expert
Dr. Tracy Thomas knows people and knows how to get results. As a coach, speaker, and consultant, she turns her clients into leaders who take charge of their own lives and change the very way they exist. Dr. Thomas works with individuals, couples, groups, and families, equipping them with the internal resources to lead their lives intuitively, strategically, and intentionally. With a Ph.D. in Psychology, a master’s degree in Organizational Development, a bachelor’s degree in Business Management, and over 20 years in the area of people development, Dr. Thomas brings a unique mix of skills and insights (plus, fun, humor, and a zest for life) to her programs. Find out more about her coaching and upcoming events at

Isabel Foxen Duke

Emotional Eating & Body Image Expert
Isabel Foxen Duke is a Certified Health Coach and Emotional Eating Expert. She helps women make peace with their bodies, so they can stop obsessing about food and get back to living awesome lives. Her areas of expertise include binge-eating, emotional eating and chronic unsuccessful dieting. After years of trying to overcome emotional eating through "traditional" and alternative approaches, Isabel discovered some radical new ways to get women over their food issues once and for all. Isabel has been featured in the Huffington Post, Elle Magazine, XOJane, and has been praised by Ricki Lake. She is changing the way women think about food and their bodies from the ground up — not just by shifting the mindsets of individuals, but by creating a greater cultural revolution.

Andrea Owen

Life Coach & Author of 52 Ways to Live a Kick-Ass Life
Andrea Owen is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) from The Coaches Training Institute. She holds a Bachelor of Science from California State University in Kinesiology, specializing in Health Science, as well as a personal training certification from the American Council on Exercise since 2005. She was selected by the Kinesiology faculty for outstanding achievement in the Kinesiology degree program in 2009. She has also worked for the American Council on Exercise on the corporate level.Andrea is the proud author of 52 Ways to Live a Kick-Ass Life: BS Free Wisdom to Ignite Your Inner-Badass and Live the Life You Deserve (Adams Media).She has facilitated many workshops for girls hosted by Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty whose efforts inspire and empower women and girls to live confidently and change the world around them.She has done volunteer work for the Special Olympics, Best Buddies and Rady’s Children’s Hospital.

Farhana Dhalla

Divorce Coach, Speaker & Author of Thank You For Leaving Me.
Farhana Dhalla is the ultimate ‘go to’ person for shifting perspective. Her philosophy of seeing that everything is done FOR you versus to you is the paradigm shift that helps people unlock the gifts of their situation and liberate them into living more enriching lives. Along with being a mom to 3 expressive children, she is an Enlightened Divorce Coach, Speaker and Author of the #1 International Best Selling Book Thank You for Leaving Me.


Your Host: Bernardo Mendez

Relationship Expert, Founder & Host of
Bernardo Mendez is a relationship and dating expert with 21 years of experience. Mentored by Anthony Robbins and certified as a strategic intervention life coach, Bernardo helps women overcome emotional challenges and find commitment-minded men in record time.
Bernardo is a frequent relationship advice contributor to Univision TV's morning show "Despierta Austin." He is also the founder and host of Yourgreatlifetv a popular web TV interview show featuring bestselling authors, visionary entrepreneurs, and extraordinary individuals who've overcome extreme challenges.
Born and raised in Mexico City, he now lives in Austin, TX with his wife and two sons.

Can You Create a Passionate & Committed Relationship Regardless of Your Past?

The answer is, absolutely, resoundingly yes – here’s why:


Hello, My name is Bern and I’m the founder & host of yourgreatlifetv and the Deeper Love Summit. I’m very excited that you’ve reached this page because today can be, (and I’m not saying this lightly) a life-defining moment for you as it relates to how you understand, appreciate and create commitment with men.

What is The Deeper Love Summit?


The Deeper Love Summit is a FREE interview series where I’m brining together a team of rockstars and top world renown experts in love, spirituality, sex and relationships who can help you understand – once and for all – how to turn the tables on love around and create the ideal life conditions to attract a relationship-minded man into your life. The best part is that all of these results can take place by becoming the most alive, vibrant and authentic version of you.

What you’ll get out of it:


I set a pretty huge goal when creating this summit and that is: to help you and many other smart and successful women from around the world, understand – at a heart level – what it takes to create a deeply fulfilling, passionate, devotional and committed relationship regardless of how difficult and painful your past has been and irrespective of how many times you’ve tried to get this part of your life figured out without the results you want.

Specifically you will learn from these top renown experts:



Mindie Kniss, PhD – Heart Intelligence Expert & life Coach

Who will share how you can use the latest breakthroughs in science and neuro-cardiology to understand how to listen to your heart and attract the relationship you crave and deserve in an intuitive and wholesome way.


Marni Kinrys, – Dating Coach, Radio & TV Personality

Marni is agruably the word’s top dating coach for men and will share: what motivates men to take action, what creates attraction, what men really want from women, how to stand out in the heart of a guy and how to better differentiate commitment minded men from clever players.


Carol Allen, – Vedic Astrologer and Relationship Coach

Carol will be sharing how to gain a deeper insight into how karmic and energetic compatibility between two people plays a role in the quality of your relationships, how to increase your chances to create a long term relationship vs one that ends in divorce, how to cut ties energetically with someone who is not a compatible match for you but for whom you feel strongly about.


Marla Martenson, – Professional Matchmaker, Relationship Coach & Author

After helping countless couples find love and marriage for over 13 years, Marla knows what works in love and will share practical ways to maximize your chances to attract your ideal partner, clarity about what commitment minded men want as well as how to spot red flags that show a guy may not be worth investing your time on.


Jackie Dumaine, – Yogini, Life Coach & Creator of “The Yoga Code”

Jackie will be sharing the depth of her spiritual Yoga Principles – as a practical framework to deepen your relationship with your soul and attract, create and sustain a fulfilling relationship with a man.


Damona Hoffman, – Online Dating Expert, Relationship Coach & TV Personality

Damona will dispel several myths about online dating and show you practical ways so you can exponentially enhance your chances online, avoid wasting time and rise above 90% of the women who are leveraging the web to meet someone today.


Chameli Ardagh, – Feminine Spirituality Expert & Founder of Awaken Women Insitute

Chameli will share how to tap into your full feminine spectrum to express your Goddess like qualities. She will share how to create a fulfilling relationship with your partner with an ever deepening sense of understanding, communication and devotion.


Dr. Tracy Thomas, – Celebrity Addiction & Relationship Expert

Dr. Tracy will tap into her many years of providing relationship and addiction therapy at one of America’s most prestigious drug rehab clinics to let us know how we can practically overcome addictions to the wrong guy.


Kute Blackson, – Transformational Coach, Spiritual leader and creator of The Man Breakthrough Experience

Kute will share how to create love abundance in your life and how to vibrate at a higher level to attract a partner who can help you offer your relationship as a deeply conscious gift to the world.


Farhana Dhalla, – Divorce Coach and Author of the Bestselling Book “Thank You For Leaving Me”

Farhana will share with us how to create a mindset of gratitude for everything that happens in our love lives, how to let go of a person that no longer resonates with us with love and how to transform pain and bitterness into fuel for a more fulfilling relationship and an inspiring life.


Andrea Owen, – Life Coach & Author of The Book “52 Ways To Have a Kick Ass Life”.

Andrea has been an accomplished life coach far longer than life coaching has been “cool” she is going to share how to practically create the ideal life conditions that not only will add fun, aliveness and passion to your life but simultaneously make you incredibly more valuable and attractive to any worthy guy.


Isabel Foxen Duke, – Body Image and Emotional Eating Expert

This program would not be complete without the expert advice of my friend and colleague Isabel Foxen Duke who has helped countless women stop being mean to themselves, appreciate and love their bodies and reclaim a healthy and balanced love for food (without the guilt).

Sample love